What is this site?
This is a disposable encrypted file hosting. When you upload a file, your browser generates a random password, encrypts the file with this passwords and sends ciphertext to the server. Password stored in the link to the file after '#' symbol, and it never leaves your computer, if you aren't sharing a link with somebody, of course.
When you open the link the process is inverted: you download the ciphertext from server, decrypt it with password extracted from the link and see the file. Take a good look (or save it), because it's already deleted from the server!

Wait, are you not prohibiting saving of files?
It's impossible. If I forbid a right-click of a mouse or make something similar, you can always take a screenshot or even a photo of the screen with an external camera.

What limitations are set on the site?
The maximum file size: 100 MB.
Also unviewed files will be deleted after 30 days.

Are files really deleted after first view? Do I have to trust you?
Yes, you have to trust me. But think about it: why in the world do I need to store an encrypted junk which I can not even view? This project is non-profit, there is no ads and other tracking shit, I even do not ask for donations, so resourses are limited.
Also no logs are recorded on the server, but don't trust me on word and use TOR for additional security.
And do not forget to delete EXIF from your photos, it can contain a GPS photo location, a precise time, an unique ID number of the device and many other sensitive information.

JS cryptography is bad.
I know, but I do whatever I can to make it more secure. I use HSTS, CSP, DNSSEC and integrity check of all loaded JavaScripts and CSS. JS code is kept is simple as possible, no external libs are used. JavaScript code of all site combined is about 800 lines long.
And believe me, I really don't want to store a possible illegal stuff on my server in a plain form.

Where can I see the site code?
The frontend is available for you in a browser inspector. Or you can download the repository where is contained the frontend and backend code, and even the server configuration files, so you can clone this site completely.

How can I contact you?
Drop me an email to